Under development are three new programs: cafe chats, book club, and professional development workshops, the first of a series of three is scheduled for September 22, 2018.



Members receive a discount for year-round events. For our first-ever workshop, members will receive a discount of 50%. Sign-up to become a member and the discount will be automatically applied.


Collaborative Workshop: Bridging the Space Between the Lab and the Press


In February 2018, ATXSciWri was awarded the Peggy Girshman Idea Grant by the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) to hold three workshops that address current hot topics between scientists and writers with the aim to dismantle barriers to the field. Here is a preview of the workshop topics we are currently developing for 2018:

  • Writing as an Afterlife to Academia
  • Science and Censorship
  • Writing Support: Retreats, Writing Hours, and Book Club
  • Recovering Creative Academic: Healing Through Science Writing
  • Public Relations for Scientists
  • From Science to the Public: Main Changes in Writing Style
  • Competition vs. Cooperation: Building Community
  • Covering Science Conferences: A Panel of Scientists and Journalists to Compare Expectations
  • Roundtable Accountability Partnering
  • Embargoes and Pitching Your Research
  • Beautiful Facts: Keeping Your Writing Concise and Entertaining While Remaining Accurate



We hold social happy hours throughout the year for journalists, PR, communicators, technical writers, film and video pros, and anyone else interested in science communication. Join our Facebook group or visit the Event tab for updates.

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